Top 5 Simple Virtual Deal Software For Beginners

The transition to digital use of documents and remote collaboration has already paid off and has shown that this method of work is faster, more effective, and easier. Now, there are many offers on the market for virtual collaboration and deals, and often, newcomers are lost in their choice between them. Virtual data rooms are the best option for remote collaboration and data storage that even first-time entrepreneurs can use.

FirmRoom data room provider

FirmRoom is a virtual data room that is constantly evolving and therefore is one of the leading offerings on the market. The program’s interface is modern and intuitive, and this solution offers advanced collaboration capabilities and a robust level of security. 

It is worth mentioning that this software won the award for „Best Easy to Use Solution“ and for „Best Value for Money“ two years ago. 

The list of key features includes: 

  • Drag and Bulk Load feature-allows you to quickly load the data you need into the space and easily organize it
  • Intelligent search – makes it easy for both your colleagues and invited partners to find the material they need
  • Control Log and Activity Tracking – provides information about the activities of all users within the space, from which you can extract useful information and improve the transaction
  • Data Tracking -allows you to observe the chronological change of a document
  • Individual and mass invitations – invite temporary users into the space for the duration of the transaction 

Merrill Data Room Provider

Merrill is a vendor in a fairly high price range, but it also provides better management and security features. It is mostly used more often by medium and large businesses and guarantees a high level of protection during the exchange of even the most sensitive documents. VDR has excellent document management skills. 

The main features are: 

  • Access from mobile devices – use VDR from anywhere you are comfortable
  • Manage permissions – controls the level of access to all documents
  • Context search – finds any document by keyword
  • Watermarks -Double protection against data leakage
  • Ability to download huge files up to 50 GB 

Sharefile Data Room Provider

Sharefile is one of the most popular VDRs and is great for start-up businesses of all sizes. Its capabilities extend to businesses from any industry. Also, VDR has great skills and functionality to perform due diligence. 

What sets it apart from other VDR providers is: 

  • The ability to perform automatic bulk uploads of documents of unlimited size. Sharefile storage has no limits
  • Supports more than 20 file formats, you do not need to spend time on their manual formatting
  • Space is supported by any device and any operating system 

BrainLoop Data Room Provider

Another great option for making deals, interacting remotely, and getting a natural work experience is BrainLoop. Data Room offers integration with Microsoft Office applications, offers easy access from any device, and has a strong level of security.

The main features are: 

  • Data encryption – encrypts data from unauthorized hacks and leaks
  • Watermarks – help identify the source of the leak, and are an additional shield for documents
  • Virus scanning – takes place automatically
  • Permissions features – Controls all user activity and data security
  • Double Authentication -secure VDR login security

Data room Intralinks

Intralinks is a veteran in the field of virtual data rooms, and therefore its capabilities are at a higher level than the others. The program is great for all phases of M&A and uses automation, data analysis, and management features with the introduction of AI technology. 

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